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                Jiangsu TWB Bearings Co., Ltd.
                Specializes in manufacturing and providing various high-quality bearings and services
                Stability & Reliability
                High Quality raw material.
                Strict process control.
                Special technologies and processes.
                Quality and management systems certified by DNV.

                More Optimized Solutions
                Customized products based on applications.
                Support customers’ cost reduction.
                Participate in the early selection and design, and provide professional installation and maintenance guidance.
                Bearing life calculation, failure analysis and problem diagnosis.
                Convenient Business Interaction System
                Immediate response.
                Distribution network all over the country.
                Commodity products stocking and fast delivery.

                • Bearing selection / Designing
                • Mounting / Maintenance
                Know How / Application Knowledge
                Support Customers
                to Improve Competitiveness
                • Quality control system assurance
                • Manufacturing / Process control
                • High quality raw material
                Stable & Reliable Products
                The elevator industry has higher requirements for bearing performance, which is mainly focusing on high-speed, smooth and noise performance. China is the largest manufacturing country and consumer market in the world's elevator industry, and most of the world's famous elevator companies have factories in China. As one of the first bearing suppliers to realize import substitution in the elevator industry, TWB already has been supporting most of the leading enterprises in these industries for more than ten years, and has occupied the leading share in this market.
                Construction machinery is mainly used in transportation, construction, industrial and civil construction etc. The types of equipment include excavator, crane, road roller, piling machinery, pavement construction machinery, concrete machinery etc. According to the application characteristics of different equipment, TWB has developed a series of special products, with stronger load capacity and less time for assembly and adjustment, to ensure that customers' equipment can continuously work with safety and reliability under harsh environment.
                Hoist machinery is often in intermittent motion, and always in the working status of starting, braking, forward and backward running; Although the speed is not high, but it often bears heavy load; Most of them work continuously under harsh environment such as dust or seawater corrosion for a long time. The whole series of TWB products have decades of successful supporting experience in domestic and foreign customers.
                The concrete mixing truck uses a special reducer, which is different from the traditional reducer. Its structural design and manufacturing process are very special, so bearing is required to adapt to the bad working conditions of low speed, heavy load, partial load and impact load. Especially even when the flange connection transfer large swing Angle variation still need keep stable, reliable, low noise operation.
                Vision: To become the first choice of bearing suppliers with value-added products and service.
                Mission: To raise customers’ competitiveness with reliable and cost-effective products.
                Services and Support
                Authorized distributors (excluding China)
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